Quality fresh from farmers hand

Our history

Avocado, thyme or mountain pine ice cream -

or would you rather prefer classic strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream?


We, Martina and Hannes Millinger produce our cold delicacies at the Trattberg Hof in St. Johann.

15 years ago, we came up with an advertisement in the farmer's newspaper to come up with the idea of ​​making ice cream ourselves. To the delight of our children, Christina, David and Thomas, of course, the different varieties had to be tasted and approved. Today we know that especially the production of good ice cream is a learning process of many years.


In addition to the taste, our BauernEis convinces with natural and regional ingredients.

In the summer, we take the milk directly from our dairy cows from our alpine pasture in St. Ulrich,

which is processed into ice cream as quickly as possible.

Fresh fruits, homemade toppings or high quality flavor pastes provide the different flavors.

We value the best resources and select our suppliers very carefully.

For example, in our honey ice cream comes only honey from St. Johann, more precisely from the bees from our own forest. The blueberries come from local forests and are hand-picked.

The currants we get from farmers in our area. Regionality is our highest priority!


In summer, we produce ice cream almost daily, in winter about once a week.

Already more than 300 varieties are in our recipe book - there is certainly something for everyone!

We also produce unconventional varieties such as carrot, asparagus or ginger ice cream on request.

In order not to deprive allergy sufferers of the enjoyment of our BauernEis,

we also produce sorbets and ice cream from sheep and goat's milk.

Since 2012, we have been filling the ice cream in glasses, which we gladly take back and reuse.

With this we want to make a contribution to the avoidance of plastic.


The delicacies are sold in some regional shops, alpine dairies, farmers shops

and in the gastronomic area as well as at our farm at the Trattberg Hof.


If the profession grows so dear to us, how we enjoy our work,

then we are always happy to make new ice cream creations.

After years of tinkering and trying out we have now made the BauernEis what it is today -


unmistakable, full of flavor and simply gorgeous!

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